About Talentissimo

Talentissimo was founded in 2015 by Dutch Femke Hovinga. She knows first-hand what kind of struggles extreme giftedness can cause whilst finding a way through the educational system. Femke managed to graduate from high school… however, it was a rough path. Dealing with being bullied, bored and lonely she felt like an outcast and became an underachiever.  Luckily this changed after high school, when studying and finding different challenges became possiblities. Driven by the ambition to help other gifted childeren to experience a better childhood she studied to be a talent counselor. During this study she specialized in the profoundly gifted as this is an underserved part of the gifted population.


“This difficulty of the gifted child in forming friendships is largely a result of the infrequency of persons who are like-minded. The more intelligent a person is, regardless of age, the less often can he find a truly congenial companion. The average child finds playmates in plenty who can think and act on a level congenial to him, because there are so many average children.” Leta S. Hollingsworth

Talentissimo’s goals

  • More awareness for the differences between giftedness and extremely/profoundly giftedness
  • A better understanding of the subject for parents, educators and professionals
  • Providing a platform for Europeans to be in touch about the subject of extremely/profoundly giftedness
  • Stimulating the extremely & profoundly gifted to find their place in a challenging working environment

Who can benefit from connecting:

  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Professionals (conselors, psychologists, etc.)