“In the ordinary school situation, children of 140 IQ waste half of their time. Those of 170 IQ waste practically all of their time.”
Leta Hollingworth

Extremely and profoundly gifted individuals are rare in our society. Understanding this group with IQ’s ranging from 140-210 can be challenging, especially when it’s your child or student. Talentissimo is the European Platform for the Extremely and Profoundly Gifted. 

We aim to connect extremely gifted individuals, their parents and professionals living in Europe. Every country in the European Union has developed its own vision on education and how to cope with (extremely & profoundly) gifted childeren. Tallentissimo is a platform where people throughout Europe can connect,  share knowledge, best practices and experiences. This way we improve the way Europe supports extremely gifted individuals in creating a meaningful and happy life.


What Talentissimo does


Connecting professionals

Do you work with extremely gifted individuals? Are you a teacher, coach or otherwise professionally helping individuals with struggels related to extremely giftedness? Get connected to your fellow professionals.

Connecting businesses to gifted individuals

Extremely and profoundly gifted people don’t always excel in a working environment. However they can be of huge value to a company. Do you want to know how you can create the working environment where he/she will excel?


Keeps you up to date

Read the latest updates, research or other information about extremely and profoundly giftedness. On the blog and in newsletters we collect updates on knowledge, seminars and education.

Parent support

Parenting a child with an extremely high IQ can be very challenging. Here you can find your fellow parents and share your frustrations and best practices.



Literally: extremely talented. The word ‘talent‘ combined with the Italian ‘issimo‘, which adds the qualifier ‘extremely’ to the noun. Talentissimo is therefore the European platform for the extremely and profoundly gifted.